Saturday, June 24, 2017

When Sharing Services is not Really Sharing at All

Y'all know how much I love #Custserv. Here is my current beef regarding external service providers. Note that I am also having issues with account numbers between Foxtel and Tesltra as well as a third one that escapes me right now:

"Hi Virgin, In December, my wife dropped her phone and the screen cracked. There was also damage on the frame of the phone. We pay insurance so took it to Virgin Mobile in Maroochydore to find out what to do. We ended up getting the phone fixed via the insurance service, Risk Insure. When they repaired the phone they only replaced the screen, not the frame/case of the phone.

My wife had already been without her phone for a few weeks so we didn't pursue any further. The phone worked with no issues for the next few months.

A few weeks ago the screen stopped working (there's a dull flash at one end at turn on but then it just stays black). My wife returned it to Virgin in Maroochydore for a warranty repair. It was sent away to get assessed.
Yesterday it was returned saying that
"Your device has been tampered. Physical Damaged. Due to the nature of the damage this order cannot be processed under warranty and will be return unrepaired. If the customer has Optus Insurance please resubmit the claim with Optus Insurance 1800 501 971."

The above appears on a Optus Boomerang Job sheet including a repair amount value of $335.01.

Further more, the job states "Due to no response, the quotation has been rejected and device returned unrepaired. Charge may apply to account (or dealer for pre-paid). At Optus we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality service, you may be asked to participate in a short survey blah blah blah." I never got to that survey, but I would have said, "My wife was called once and missed the call. There was no voice mail left. She rang the number 30 minutes later, 3 times and got no answer".

When my wife was notified to pick up her phone, nobody mentioned there was an issue with the repair. When she picked up her phone, the Virgin Australia employee didn't even know if the phone had been repaired.

When my wife read the reason for the repair being rejected she questioned the outcome stating that the physical damage had remained from the repair earlier in the year.

The Virgin Mobile employee rejected my wifes explanation because they had no record of the repair having taken place.

My wife was incredibly disappointed with the outcome, and the assertion from the Virgin Mobile employee that she had been lying/dishonest.

My wifes number is XXXXXXXX and her account number is xxxxxxx. The Risk Insure Claim number from December is ABCDEF.

This should not be a difficult process. Either it's warranty or it's a faulty repair. Either way, my wife and I should not have to waste any more time resolving this issue, nor should we have to be subjected to insults inferred or otherwise.

I would suggest that your employees be better trained in customer service and dealing with Warranty/Repair resolutions, and that the repair service actually try a little harder to contact a customer and at least leave a voice mail (or send a text message for goodness sake, you're a communications company).

Further more, why there is no record on your system of the repair done by your service provider is absolutely beyond me.

Aside from this issue my wife loves her gold Galaxy S7. It's just a shame that you have treated her like she's been a criminal.

I look forward to swift painless resolution of this issue, as we have been you loyal customer with both our phones for around 5 years.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. I have included this DM on my blog and will share you resolution as soon as it is sorted.

It can be found here: [insert blog address]"

Anyone else had this problem with shared services? External service providers?

Am I just being a pain in the ass?

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