Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanks Mike

I've got plenty to say about the end of Holden Manufacturing and there's a good chance you'll never hear it, because I wrote down some of it, videoed some of it, read it, listened to it and watched it a few times over and then deleted it. Most of it was too loud and unjustifiable. 

Some of it was new, but, most of it had been said before. All of it was honest but my words and thoughts just seemed unimportant. Nothing I could say would change the outcome. Everything I uttered was redundant.

I hope some of you read my opinions and reviews, and, as a result maybe alter your stance on something, or at the least consider an alternative point of view. Best case scenario (from my perspective) is you had to make a choice and maybe in some way, I helped you decide on the right one. In reality though, I wont know if I had any impact on any life, good or bad. Nonetheless, here I am blabbing away because the consequences are limited. 

Now consider for a second, that you knew that what you said, really had an impact on peoples lives. I mean their livelihood literally depended on the next words coming out of your mouth, and knowing that news wasn't good.

Even though you can justify those words, the proposition of standing up in front of thousands of people who have been hanging on your every word, and telling them, this is the end, must be an incredibly difficult task. 

Every word thereafter, I'm sure to the ears of the workers, became redundant.

Could you stand on that flat bed? Could you stand your ground and deliver the news you know people don't want to hear? 

Mike Devereux, during this whole process, has been measured, assured and resolute without being combative.

I saw the tiniest sliver of impatience when reporters continued to ask the same questions over and over at the productivity commission, but he just continued on to get the job done. 

He also became an incidental proxy for the voice of Australian Automotive Manufacturing. When there was a story, either on TV or digital media (and the fish and chip wrappers if people still read them) Mike Devereux was there front and centre.

Maybe the media just reported it that way, maybe I just paid more attention to him, but I had to Google Bob Graziano to see what he looked like. 

And I don't recall anyone badgering Max Yasuda in "this place" or "the other place" to come clean about his intentions.

There's a concept in Australia called the tall poppy syndrome. Depending on who you ask, it mostly relates to those whom stand tall often being the first to get the heads cut off. 

Some people will remember Mike Devereux as the guy that closed Holden. Of course that is so far from the truth it's not even funny, but such is the price of standing tall in front of a general public that possess the attention span of a three year old.

I'll remember Mike Devereux as the guy that stood up for Australians and stood up for Australian Car Manufacturing.

And he's from bloody Canadia!

Thanks Mike, for standing up. 

P.S. I was kidding about never hearing from me about the end of Holden. Of course I have a video, I just have to edit all the potty mouth out of it. 

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