Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just For Clicks

Way way back in the day, I remember a participant to #blogchat specifically warning against changing your blogging style in the pursuit of more traffic. "There are millions of internet users online. Be true to your values and they will gravitate towards you" 

I often wonder if that particular seer of interwebz stuck to his or her guns. If they did indeed let their motivations guide their content, did they achieve a readership significant enough for their goals?

Once again, another autoshow has produced a quote from an American auto exec, which has been used as justification to speculate on the future of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry. Once again, I'm sure the internerdz have thrown a gasket trying to disprove or confirm the false prophets, but not me.

I had one look at one article which contained everything I needed to know: just the quotes.

There is no real new information, just speculation, as usual seeking the eager pointers and finger tips of Joe and Jane Public.

  This is a hazard which exists when entities decide they are a news site rathe
r than a point of information AND entertainment.

The same scrap of information is regurgitated between competitors creating an environment of false importance.

I hope to change that soon. Please PLEASE tell me if I become one of those  "professionals" in it just for clicks.

In the mean time, stop feeding the professional trolls. ;-)

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  1. Just started reading... but I've got my eye on you and will let you know if you get off track... watch it, mister...